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in-character rules
♡ Do no harm to other guests in the Gardens.
♡ You may hunt the game and fish in the orchard. No other animals should be harmed.
♡ Do not wreak destruction in the Gardens. Regenerating them is hard work.
♡ You will lend your help when the Queen calls for aid.

Planning on having your character violate one of the first three rules in a big way? Talk to a mod first so we can get an idea of what the consequences will be.

out-of-character rules
1. No godmoding! The first golden rule. Don't assume your character can do anything she wants (or you want) to other characters! This covers "infomoding," too. Just because you know something doesn't mean your character does.
2. Stay in character. The second golden rule!
3. Don't be a dick! There aren't supposed to be any of those here, right? More seriously: treat your fellow players with decency. We're all here to have fun, guys and gals. If you have an issue with a character or an aspect of the game, please don't be afraid to contact one of the mods!
4. IC =/= OOC! Just because Character A is a manipulative, psychotic bitch doesn't mean her mun is too.
5. Each player may play up to five (5) characters under normal circumstances. If you reach this limit and believe you can handle another character, you may email or PM the mods with links to all activity your extant characters have taken in the past two weeks and the name and canon of the additional character for which you wish to apply. The mods will consider your request and respond within two days. You may ask for three additional characters, or up to eight (8) characters total in this way.
6. Players must meet a monthly activity requirement to remain in the game. To be considered active for the month, you must have at least two examples of one or a combination of the following: a post to the main community, a post (or participation in a post) in the log community, or a thread in another post to the main community with at least five comments from your character. If you fail activity check, you may ask for another chance, but you will need an additional community post as well as the standard requirements for the next month's activity. Characters who were accepted to the game within two weeks or less of the activity check being posted are exempt from that month's activity check, as well as characters on hiatus whose hiatus extends past the activity check due date. Players who repeatedly (i.e. several months in a row) make only the bare minimum requirements for activity or who continually take a hiatus to avoid the activity check may be asked to step up their activity, at the mods' discretion.
7. Three strikes, you're out! You may ask for another chance on activity check three times; after that, the next failure to meet activity will result in your character(s) being booted.
8. Players are free to play out their own plots if there are no mod-run plots going on, but if they're going to have game-wide ramifications or result in more than one character death, we ask that you please run them by us here before you start.
9. Personal plots and one-shot posts involving effects from the wild places, however, do not need mod approval at all.
10. Please place any content rated R or above behind a cut, friendslock it, and use proper warnings (graphic violence, sex, etc).
11. Sex is allowed, but only players 18 and above are permitted to RP it. We will not ask for your age and will instead go by an honor code, but if we find out that a player under the age of 18 has played out any sort of explicit sexual activity, or if a player has knowingly played it out with another player under the age of eighteen, you will be banned. No exceptions. If a player under the age of eighteen plays characters who engage in sexual activity, it must be kept offscreen.
12. By the same token, players are expected to keep their character interactions age-appropriate. What this means is if you're playing a twelve-year-old, for example, she should be forming romantic CR with characters in the same general age group and playing out tame, relatively chaste romantic interactions.
13. Respect other players' wishes in regards to the fourth wall. If they don't mind it being broken, and it makes sense for your character, go ahead, but if they'd rather you didn't fourth-wall their character, refrain from doing so.

The story of when Rule #2 met Rule #3:
Players are encouraged to make use of each other's and the game's HMDs or constructive criticism posts. If that fails, and you still believe another player is being OOC with their character, you can contact the mods, choose not to play with that character, or both. However, you may not dictate to another player how they should play their character. This is especially true when it comes to pairings. Ultimately, it is up to each player to decide how to play their character and who to pair her with, if anyone. If OOCness becomes a problem, the mods will step in at the playerbase's request. But neither individual players nor groups of players should take it upon themselves to police characterization directly. If the mods find out that a player is being pushed to play according to someone else's interpretation or pairing preferences, that will be considered harassment on the part of the perpetrator.

Please keep the following in mind:
This game and its OOC environs are intended to be a safe space for female players, players of female characters, and in general people of all sexualities and genders. Sexual harassment and slurs will not be tolerated, and players who repeatedly make other players feel unsafe or uncomfortable with their behavior will be removed from the game.

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